Welcome Prospective Adventurer!

Allow me to help you get started.  The first step is to arrange a pre-travel screening. Please provide the requested information below to begin.

5 + 13 =

Here is some additional information that you may find helpful to understand how your adventure into transformation begins.

Upon completion of a brief screening meeting where it is apparent that you are a viable candidate at this time and you are excited and motivated to start a new adventure in your life you will be issued your Fusion Wellness Center Passport.

Depending on your initial concerns and goals, a custom made verbal assessment package will be proposed to you.

A formal proposal will then be provided to you in writing (electronically) by the next day.  This will include a layout of your fun filled day(s) depending on your needs.  Once our agreement is completed and returned the adventure really begins.

Prior to our first in-depth outing, specialized labwork, an extensive personal survey, and prior medical records will be requested in addition to other administrative forms as necessary.

Once all of the lab results, survey results, past medical records and other necessary forms are received the real fun begins.  We will look at all facets of your life and talk and listen in various venues and perform specialized testing for you in a relaxed no pressure atmosphere in our office.  It will be our own “Fantastic Voyage” so to speak.

Upon the end of our time together, you will be provided with your own in-depth baseline assessment (the look at the shining facets of the diamond and the rougher areas).

Bon Voyage!

But be joyous, because this is where we have fun together and we enhance the healthy parts of your being and you will be partnered up with secret weapons to overcome speed bumps and road blocks in your life.  It will take some time and effort but rest assured we will make it entertaining and you will be healthier, happier and more prosperous!

We look forward to being your travel guide in this adventure we call life!