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Welcome to your first exposure to a truly unique medical wellness experience.  The Fusion Wellness Center concept has evolved and matured over decades.  Albeit, many basic health concepts were realized thousands of years ago, centuries ago and decades ago.  Our goal is to incorporate this vast insightful knowledge base with more recent scientific research and your unique situation to provide you with  true comprehensive wellness.

01. Avid learner


I enjoy learning.  Taking college courses while in high school, with 4 college academic degrees, military academy and active duty experience, EMT certification training, formal medical residency and fellowship training, and sanctioned continuing medical education and passing the Engineer-in-Training Exam and passing the Professional Engineers Boards exam and becoming a licensed Professional Engineer, as well as passing multiple medical board exams you might agree. Learning new ideas, knowledge, and concepts is an exciting undertaking – an adventure unto itself.


Over the last several years I have taken the approach to learn many new concepts not included as part of the typical medical doctor training.  Initially these subjects related directly to medicine and health, and gradually I learned so many things outside of the typical medical training that have a huge effect on one’s health and wellness.


This knowledge I wish to pass on to you in a fun and entertaining learning environment, as more knowledge is attained constantly.


02. creativity


Using what we know, using our amazing brains, gaining new insights, uniting prior knowledge with new perspectives and new information a more complete picture of reality is formed.


And integrating complex systems and information with nature and the arts makes for a compelling memorable life changing experience. 


03. integrity

In this country where “time is money,” “money talks” and “cash is king” this worshipping of money over nearly all else, is not a factor in our relationship.   Honor, integrity, trust, confidence, respect  and reliability are paramount and internal aspects of my character.  Although you may be offered tests or treatment package options for a fee, no services or products will be pushed upon you merely for a “profit.”


You may notice several themes simply by perusing this website.  One is “nature.”  By understanding your inner workings and the relationships in your life, your health and wellness can be restored to a “natural” state.  When you are well, you can move higher on Maslov’s hierarchy of needs.



Our goal is to address your everyday concerns and issues so you can focus on your life dreams and goals.  


A Team Of Professionals

(Photos are not of actual staff for privacy)

"Dr. DAVe" nikovits


M.D., M.B.A., P.E., CAQSM


What We Do Best



Your concerns and dreams are paramount.  Our role is to hear you and guide and assist you, to live YOUR vision of a fantastic life,

propose creative approaches

You deserve a personalized unique stimulating artful and humorous approachs to adjustments in your life.

learn constantly

We love to learn everyday and share what we know.  So much of what we learn shatters conventional wisdom and even common sense.

integrate the myriad of factors that make up you

The integration of in depth new truths and facts, in conjunction with past knowledge and wisdom,  and YOU and YOUR personal history and situation is fun for us.


Our approach for you involves providing significant useful information for you to “see” things for yourself.  You will have objective feedback so you feel like and realize you are in control of the positive changes in your life.  We are here to obtain and explain the what, how and why of your situation and how to make changes that will give you the results you want.


When we get to know you … we can tailor specific scenarios and events just for you.  It is all park of your package depending on your desires.  It is showtime!


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