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This is a sampling of where your journey can take you.  Your situation and desires will create your unique adventure to your destination.  The sky is the limit.


Frequently Asked Questions

can you really do all of these things?

Yes!  It has been a lifelong journey.  Through the standard training provided in medical school, residency and fellowship which provided a strong foundation of medicine and diseases it gave a certain perspective.  Now, after years of specialized seminar training, specialty conferences, independent learning, training seminars and workshops all in the search for knowledge, information and the truth it is with great pleasure to serve you in ways that may be totally new to you. 

why can't my doctor take care of these things for me?

Most physicians are not trained in medical school, residency training or fellowship about many of the current advances in research which enables the detection of suboptimal wellness and how to optimize all of the facets of wellness.  Nor how to reverse diseases safely.  It is simply the lack of training in certain facets of wellness.

i already have a doctor, why should i see you?

Good question.  The reason is multifactorial.  But do not misunderstand, today’s Western medical paradigm can be invaluable in certain circumstances.


Our approach is proactive and searches for the underlying causes of your problem or ascertains suboptimal wellness in many facets of your life.  Working together, your strengths are reinforced and areas that are weaker are strengthened.  We will not watch you year after year as you go downhill.  We will help you to optimize all aspects of your being to be the happiest , healthiest, most prosperous so you can do what you want with your life.


Think of us as your secret weapon adjunct to your current medical system physician.  Your life will be better in so many facets, and one of our hopes for you is that after starting your adventure together with us, your current physician is amazed at how well you are doing and your annual visits will turn into a social visit with astonishing well deserved praise heaped upon you.

if i have a medical emergency or urgent care problem, can I see you?

We are here for you. To help you by giving you our undivided attenion.  In order to honor and respect your time we meet only by appointment.  We will work to improve your overall wellness in conjunction with your current physician.  However, if you have a medical emergency or an acute urgent care malady it is best for your safety and health to contact your physician or emergency medical services depending on the severity of the situation and potential consequences.

what is experiential medicine?

Briefly, what it is not.  It is not a physician directed plan handed down from on high.  Your total wellness situation is examined and the best options are presented to you in an entertaining engaging and memorable scenario or multiple themes depending on the individual, the couple, the family or friends.

How much do your amazing adventures cost?

Like most things in life it depends.  But of course you get what you pay for.  At our initial screening consultation we will learn what is important to you. The initial comprehensive evaluation will include some important standard tests and tools but may also include some special tests which will be helpful in your particular life situation.  Soon after the initial screening consult, a custom made proposal will be developed and discussed with you.  The cost will be provided to you then.


For retainers, the cost would depend on how many facets you want to refine and how adventurous you want to be  (how aggressive you want to be – our time and efforts may be more gradual, short duration and superficial at first or more rapid, longer duration and in-depth).  But out of respect for you, all costs will known to you upfront and as transparent and accurate as possible.  No unpleasant surprises. Only pleasant surprises.


No insurances are accepted, including Medicare.  Payment may be made with check or credit card.


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